Pharma Sales force Effectiveness-Integration between Sales & Marketing

Pharma Sales force Effectiveness-Integration between Sales & Marketing

The Corporate nomenclature addresses the domain of Sales & Marketing, as a single entity, on a purpose. It is now proven beyond doubts that the companies that have a better integration of the Marketing and Sales streams have a strong hold in effectively escalating the growth of the top line. The Sales and marketing domains are more like a pen and paper. When you have the paper at your hand, you never know what to do without a pen and when you have pen at hand, you can’t write without a sheet of paper. The sales and marketing departments have to intertwine within them and function so as to complement each other. They need to be like a light and a shadow or in our language, like the ears and a stethoscope.

The working model:

In theory, sales and marketing work together hand in glove to win business and grow revenue, with marketing and marketing communications providing context and helping to condition the marketplace for the sales people, and the sales department generating leads, closing deals, and providing the feedback necessary to focus marketing efforts where they will have the greatest return on investment. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. In the vast majority of companies, marketing and sales each pursue the goal of growing revenue from different perspectives and with disparate, disconnected tactics. The result is inefficient and often ineffective efforts—and lost sales and profits.


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