Pharma CLM- (Closed Loop Marketing)Think & Act Differently

Pharma CLM- (Closed Loop Marketing)Think & Act Differently

“Success” can be embraced by anyone who is willing to work for it sincerely.  However in the field for Pharmaceutical formulations selling/marketing, though there are lakhs of Medical Representatives in the country representing various Companies, a majority of them have turned out to be at best ‘mediocre’ or ‘average’, and only some turn out to be ‘highly successful’.  This write up is to educate such ‘ordinary’ Medical Representatives  that it is possible for them too to become successful, if they are better organized, disciplined, work hard, be sincere, and learn some skills which are necessary for the job, as discussed below.

  • SucessGet the Customer List exactly as per marketing strategy.  For example, if the Customer List is supposed to contain 100 Gynaecologists,  50 Paediatricians, and 50 Orthos, then it should be exactly like that only.  Because,  this is the basis/foundation upon which the business is going to be built.
  • Get the Customer List updated frequently, so that it always remains active.  For example, even after many visits,  proper detailing, and proper sampling, including a few visits by the Line Managers, if a customer has not started prescribing the products, then please remove such Doctors from the list, instead add replacement Doctors who have potential for the products being promoted,  from the same locality.
  • Make sure you are aware of the exact potential of each customer through a recorded Retail Chemist Prescription Audit/Analysis (RCPA) for each of your product, and how much you expect from them for each of your product. This should get updated before every call.
  • Understand the products being promoted, better. i.e. better Product Knowledge.  This is not that difficult as many Medical Representatives may think, but with sincere efforts, can be acquired/learnt.
  • Improve upon detailing/communication.  This is very important, more so when you are dealing with highly qualified customers, who are treating patients.  If the detailing/communication is good,  one can convince any customer for any product.  Again, this can also be acquired with practice and more practice.
  • Maintain very good number and quality of calls being made on daily basis.
  • Implement sales & marketing strategies as designed by the Product/Brand Management Team exactly in the field in all sincerity.
  • Retail working should be effective and purposeful. If any Dr is converted for any product, make sure that the product is made available in the nearby Chemists/Retailers, and also orders are booked for products which are not in good quantity.  This should become a regular habit.  Besides booking retail orders, it is important to follow up with the Stockist concerned and get it supplied immediately.
  • Be prompt in sending all reports to the concerned person/Department promptly without any reminders.
  • If you come across any new/innovative schemes, strategies from any competitor, try to understand it, and convey it promptly to the Marketing Dept/PMT at Head Office.
  • Be sincere, and hard working.  This job requires hard working to succeed.
  • Practice detailing before starting the work in the morning every day. Be punctual.
  • Before starting the work for the day, look at the calls being planned for the day,what was the outcome of your last visit to the Doctors, whether they have started prescribing your products or not, if yes, how many boxes they have prescribed sofar, if not, why they have not prescribed,  what could be the reasons, etc. so you are mentally prepared to talk to them in a result oriented manner, which makes each call for the day MORE PRODUCTIVE & PURPOSEFUL.
  • Always makes it a point to complete more than 100% of your target/budget month after month and earn attractive incentives, with which you can afford to have a better quality of life. Good performance brings to you more wealth, happiness, confidence,  and also growth in your career.
  • Think, behave and act as though you are owner of the business in the territory.  This will shut all loop holes for excuses, and bring out the best in you every time.
  • To achieve some thing worth mentioning in life, it is not necessary that one should become a IAS or IPS Officer.  Even with the job of a Medical Representative one can achieve what one wants in life. Be passionate about the profession, the products and the Company.   I have seen in my own eyes, many Medical Representatives through sincerity and hard working, at every stage in their career, have reached the level of Vice Presidents-Sales & Marketing in good Pharma Companies, having a wonderful quality of life for them as well as for their family members.  I feel very happy when I see such successful Field Force!.
  • The above points if implemented and practiced in all sincerity, will enable even ordinary Medical Representatives, to shine like well polished diamonds, and  be successful in their profession, due to extra ordinary performances. Success in the profession, will get them better acceptability & respect in their own family,  in the society, in their peer group, and they will feel proud of themselves!.

(The author Mr.V.Srinivasan has over 400 published articles on Pharma Management in India and abroad.  He is the recipient of “The Transformational Leader of the year 2013” award for Pharma Industry.  He can be reached at, mobile no:9972390513)


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