Breaking the conventional practices followed in the Pharma Marketing sector, WideAngle is the most comprehensive e-Detailing solution.

A powerful that is tailor-made for the Pharmaceutical Industry which emphasizes on Closed Loop Marketing.

  • Target the right products and their respective messages against the right set of Doctors giving a unique experience of product showcase with the power of tablets a cloud computing.

  • WideAngle lets to lead your Customer Engagement and build Customer Equity.


Customer 360

* 360 view of a Doctor with the minutest of detail from the previous visits.
* Enables your rep to do a quick pre-call plan.

Digital Asset Library

* Real time digital Asset distribution
* Updation on the Go

Storyboard Detailing

* Define a sequence of Digital Assets like story for each Doctor.

Show List

* General Sequence play of Digital detailing based on pre-call Planning.

Psychographic Customer tagging

* Understand your customer’s likes and dislikes.
* Enable a defined Marketing Campaign.

Auto Capture of DCR

* e-Detail Product details and visit timings in DCR.

Feedback Analytics

* Real time feedback from your Doctors on products and marketing material.


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