HD Insights - Data Analytics

A need to any successful business

A data analytics solution that is 10-100x faster than all the existing analytic solutions that aids the Top Management for the better business Insights/Analytics. Get an overall view of rich analytical visualization/graphs & drill down to the lowest node for the detailed analysis.

Connect multiple data points like Sales (Primary &Secondary), Activity, Detailing and Market Share that enables a 360-degree view of your business in one single click.

Build new dimensions from your existing data, drag in reference lines and forecasts, and access statistical summaries.


DrBond Framework

My Events

* List and promote events that are conducted by your company.

* Allows doctors to respond/review via RSVP.

* Can see event attachments and event level photos / videos and other media.

My Surveys

* Conduct surveys for a targeted group of Doctors using survey monkey.

* Can respond to doctors’ “post” the survey for any paid surveys.

* Get real-time analytics for the surveys that can be used for Quality Analysis.


* Send custom notifications to specific or a group of doctors based on specialization or other classifications for Surveys, News/Content and any updates from the company.

Content & News

* Upload PPT, MP4, PDF documents as assets that would be published to the targeted users.

* Create news locally (without needing WordPress but with lesser capabilities)

* Capture analytics of the number of doctors engaged across the app to observe the trend of readership by specialization and to develop more engaging content.

Admin UI

* UI for Content & News, Drug search, Events that can be customized with the color, theme, logo as per requirement.

Profile Management

* Doctor profiles can be managed and maintained by Admins to categorize Doctors based on their demography information. 


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